Before you hire a window cleaner, please check the follow items.

Window cleaning is an industry that attracts "part timers" and some true "non-professionals"

A legitimate Professional Window Cleaner will have all of the following:

  • Insurance -If you hire a window cleaner that cannot provide all three of the following insurance certificates then you are putting yourself at risk!
    • General Liability Certificate
    • Workers Comp Certificate *An absolute must!
    • Bonding Certificate

Many window cleaners do not have a workers comp certificate. If you hire a window cleaner that does not carry workers comp and someone gets hurt on your property, guess who pays? You got it. You do!

Some other things to consider:

  • Is the window cleaner in the phone book?
  • Is his truck labeled with the company name?
  • Is the window cleaner a member of the IWCA? (International Window Cleaning Association)
  • Does the company have a website?
  • Are references available?
  • Is the window cleaner wearing a uniform?

If nothing else, please get certificates of insurance from your window cleaner. A legitimate professional window cleaner will have an insurance packet in his truck at all times, ready to give to the customer.