Construction Cleanup


Only hire an EXPERIENCED window cleaner for a construction clean up!


  • Construction cleanups require knowledge and experience (its not just cleaning glass)
  • There is a way to razor blade a window and a way not to razor blade a window!
  • There are times when a razor blade should not be used!
  • Is the glass tempered? Is there fabricating debris? (see below)
  • In order to adequately remove debris chemicals may be needed (not often)
    • You must know if the chemical will cause a reaction with sill material
    • You must match the chemical to the debris to be removed.
  • If construction clean-up is done correctly, your glass will be properly prepared for regular cleaning.

With all this being said, hire a professional with experience!

Valley Window Cleaning is Fully Bonded & Insured.

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Valley Window Cleaning, Inc has employees that are trained in Construction Cleanups and ONLY THOSE EMPLOYEES will be sent to construction cleanup jobs. What is Fabricating Debris? In short, tempered glass can have a manufacturing flaw on one side of the glass that can possibly cause damage (scratching) to a window if a razor blade is used on that side. The flaw is called fabricating debris and it is very small glass fragments that remain from the manufacturing process.