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Let's face it- Nobody likes cleaning out gutters - it is a messy job high in the air. Valley Window Cleaning is better equipped, experienced and very skilled at dealing with heights. We can clean your gutters faster, and more importantly, SAFER than the typical homeowner.

Reasons to keep your gutters clean:

  • Full gutters & downspouts will cause rainwater to flow over and oversaturate areas not meant for that much water.
  • Full gutters can cause Ice damming in the winter (Water under your shingles that freezes)
  • Full gutters can smell bad and harbor a lot of mold/fungus
  • If your gutters are consistently full, have you considered gutter protection? We install Rainflow Gutter Protection. Gutter cleaning is included with all Rainflow Installation.

How often should I clean my gutters?
Every house is different- How many tall trees and wind conditions make a difference. Debris should be cleared when they get full. Sometimes you will
notice water coming over the sides during heavy rains.

How can I check my gutters when they are so high?
If we are there cleaning your windows just ask us! We'll jump up there and check them out - No Charge!

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Will it make a mess on the ground if you clean the gutters?
No, We take all the debris and bag it. If you want it in your compost area or in the woods next to your house then we will put it there. Otherwise we just throw it in our truck and dispose of it.

What does it cost to clean out my gutters?
It depends on how bad they are. I have had a couple "worst case scenarios" where it cost a couple hundred dollars, but those were really bad situations on very high gutters. Most of the time it is in that $95-$125 range.

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