"Some people grew up mowing lawns, I grew up cleaning windows!"

geof and sons

This is my story:

I grew up in Rochester, New York and at the age of 16 I took a summer job with Rochester Window Cleaning. At this point I would really like to thank Steve and Mark Wasserman for giving me a first class education in Window Cleaning. I was able to learn residential, commercial, high rise and construction clean-up. As the years passed, I was able to put myself through college (graduated with a B.S. from Michigan State 1993). I cleaned windows right up to graduation.

At that point I stopped cleaning windows and "went to work in the real world." I sold heavy equipment for ten years. Then in 2003 I experienced a layoff. It was devastating at the time, but proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I found another job right away only to find out I would need to move out of state. I finally told my wife, "I'm going back to cleaning windows." So with the help of my wife Jennifer, we started Valley Window Cleaning, Inc. in Appleton. The best move we ever made!

Geof White, President, Valley Window Cleaning, Inc.