Spider Spraying

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Does your house look like this? Are Spiders Taking Over?

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Spiders can make an absolute mess of your home. Don't give them the chance. Adding spider spraying to a window cleaning service is easy and cost effective.

One phone call - no more calling and scheduling the exterminator AND window cleaner.

Cost effective - we are able to keep the prices low because we are already coming to clean the windows.

For Big Messes: We recommend - Pressure Washing, Spider Spraying, Window Cleaning - in that order.

For Regular Spider Control: Spider Spraying then Window Cleaning.


How long does the spray last?
We are using the same pesticide that most exterminators are using. It will kill spiders and other little critters on contact immediately and residually for 4-6 weeks.

Is it safe around kids and pets?
It is safe once it has dried. We recommend keeping kids and dogs away from it while it is wet. This pesticide can be safely sprayed inside as well.

How long do I have to wait after spraying to clean the windows?
Cleaning the windows will only remove the pesticide off the glass itself. We (or any exterminator) primarily spray eaves, corners, around windows, and the base of the home. The actual window is not the spider spray target. However, overspray will get on the windows. Yes, we can clean the glass immediately after spraying without affecting the spider spray result.

What's the difference between Valley Window Cleaning spraying vs. an exterminator?
We use the same pesticide that exterminators use. We also use the same equipment and have the same license and certification process. With that being said, we are not exterminators. If you have a "major" spider or bug problem, please call the experts. If you are happy with your current spider sprayer, we are still happy to clean up the mess.

Is there a discount if I have you spray for spiders and clean the windows on the same trip?

We are licensed and certified to apply pesticides by the State of Wisconsin.
Commercial Applicator License #193990-CA