Spider Spraying

Spiders can make mess of your home. Don't give them the chance!

The Facts About Spider Spraying

One phone call - No more calling and scheduling the exterminator AND window cleaner.

For Big Messes - For best results, we recommend Pressure Washing, Spider Spraying, Window Cleaning – in that order.

How long does the spray last?
We use commercial grade pesticide – not what you find at the hardware store. Our spraying will kill spiders on contact and kill remaining spiders residually for 4-6 weeks after spraying. This breaks the cycle of reproduction.

Is it safe around kids and pets?
It is safe once it has dried. We recommend keeping kids and pets away from it while it is wet.

How long do I have to wait after spraying to clean the windows?
We can clean the glass immediately after spraying without affecting the spider spray result.

Valley Window Cleaning is licensed & certified by the State of Wisconsin to apply pesticide - Commercial Applicator License #193990

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